On this page, you will find posts that include printable fact sheets related to the issues we cover.

Radon Testing Fact Sheet

Print the data collected from various well pads across Ohio. Read the Radon Testing results. If you have questions regarding this material, please utilize our CONTACT page and we'd be happy to assist.

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Brine Fact Sheet

Brine is radioactive waste from oil and gas production. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) has confirmed tests of dangerously high levels of radium 226 and 228 in brine from oil and gas production wells. Brine is used on some Ohio roads as a deicer and...

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House Bill 545 Fact Sheet

House Bill 545 will allow cancer-causing "brine" from vertically drilled oil and gas wells to be taken from under the regulatory of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (Ohio ODNR). As long as the owners of AquaSalina by Nature's Own makes a one-time paperwork...

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Tribunals of opinion or popular (peoples’) tribunals have been used to create a “public” space for people to draw attention to critical issues at local, national and global levels. Persons directly affected by different situations (e.g. fracking, injection wells,...

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Fracking Incidents Reports

Greg Pace of FrackTracker summary reports from January 25, 2019. LIST OF INCIDENTS GP edited HC LIST OF INCIDENTS - Pipelines 1-20-19 Fraccidents LIST OF INCID-waste-OH 1-19-19

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Rolling Stone: America’s Radioactive Secret

Follow the link for the easily printed PDF of Rolling Stone's article: "America's Radioactive Secret" by Justin Noble. The investigation reveals how oil-and-gas wells produce toxic waste and how it could be making workers sick and contaminating communities across...

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